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Mommy & Benny & Me

November 29, 2010


“Gone Baby Gone is pretty damn good too, even if it is directed by Ben Affleck” One should never quote oneself, I’m sure somebody once said that but appreciating the implied irony, decided to let their wisdom remain anonymous, uncredited and therefore a little more post-modern. The above words are the closing lines from last […]

Glory Days, Glory Bound or Gone Baby Gone?

November 15, 2010


“This train is bound for glory, this train is bound for glory…don’t carry nothing but the righteous and the holy…this train don’t carry no gamblers, liars, thieves, nor big shot ramblers…this train don’t carry no smokers, two bit liars, small time jokers…this train don’t carry no con men, no wheelers dealers, here and gone men…this […]

I Close My Eyes

October 11, 2010


“If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win” Some weeks back I wrote a piece called Ten Reasons Why I Love You wherein I took a swipe at the American Film Institute’s Ten Greatest films in Ten Classic Genres. Reminding you of those ‘classic’ genres they examined Animation, Romantic Comedy, Western, Mystery, […]

La Belle et La Betty

October 4, 2010


Two weeks ago I was prepared to sit down and write that La Belle et La Bete, Jean Cocteau’s 1946 interpretation of Madame Leprince de Beaumont’s 1756 telling of Beauty and the Beast, was my favourite film of all time. At the time I would have been right but I delayed writing because I wanted […]

The Horror, The Horror

September 26, 2010


“That is why…we cannot consider fiction by periods, we must not contemplate the stream of time…Let us avoid it by imagining that all novelists are at work together in a circular room…The final test of a novel will be affection for it, as it is the test of our friends, and of anything else which […]

Sleepless in Laval – reasons to be cheerful – parte un

September 14, 2010


“The list is a good thing” It is midnight on Sunday the 12th September 2010 and I cannot sleep. This week I should be attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), tomorrow night the gala unveiling of TIFF and Cinematheque Ontario’s commitment to film in Toronto, the Bell Lightbox, yet here I sit in my […]